How to change the displayed name of more maps in a single .img file?

Hi all,
I’ve got an Oregon 450 and I’ve started to add some OSM maps; now, sometimes, when I add a single .img file to the memory card, more than one new map becomes available in the maps settings (for example see, one .img file carries a base map and a topo). My question is: is there a way to change the names displayed in the GPS for each of those new maps which appear? gmt seems to be able to change only the name of the mapset; I’ve tried to dive in the .img file with a binary editor but it’s a bit too complicate for me.
Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

Try MapSetToolkit and Mapsource.

I agree with Beddhist.

Once you’ve uploaded your imgs into Mapsource via Mapsettoolkit you will find TDB file in the ‘Mapset’ directory you selected.

This file contains among other things the names of each individual img. You need a special tdb file editor to alter such names. I’ve almost completed such an editor - see but there may be others around which do the same job.

BTW,your gmapsupp.img doesn’t not contain a tdb or a typ file ; it’s worth changing the look of your map using a typ file editor .