How to change styles when rendering with Mapnik

I hope this is the right forum for this post.

I am running an Ubuntu tile server with PostgreSQL, mapnik, apache2 and mod_tile
Mapnik configured as so :
Postgres configured as so :

I can render files, and serve them normally using mod_tile on apache.

What I cannot seem to do is figure out how to render the tiles using the MapQuest styles.
I have done the following :

wget http//
wget http//

extracted them all into world-boundaries (one directory higher than, and copied directory down to same level just in case)
When I execute the following command with the appropriate values changed

./ --host localhost --user `whoami` --dbname gis --symbols ./symbols/ --world_boundaries ./world_boundaries/ --port 5432 --password 'something'

it exits without error. My osm.xml file has been untouched, as evidenced by an old timestamp.
Rendering returns the same style map as the Standard on

I’ve gotten quite close to achieving my goal. This last step, however, seems to be eluding me.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.


I’ve extracted the MapQuest styles and attempted to generate tiles:

mkdir -d MapQuest-Mapnik-Style && unzip -d MapQuest-Mapnik-Style
cd mapnik
 ./ ../MapQuest-Mapnik-Style/mapquest-us.xml osm.xml --dbname gis --user gisuser --accept-none
../MapQuest-Mapnik-Style/mapquest_inc/ I/O warning : failed to load external entity "../MapQuest-Mapnik-Style/mapquest_inc/"



I have the same problem. I have a tile server according to building manually. It is very hard to change styles manually. How do you solve the problem?


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