How to best map Brazilian universities student's centres?

In Brazilian public universities it’s common to have a living/recreation room or space that’s managed by the students.

This kind of space is mainly used for socialisation (chatting on sofas, playing on old consoles, etc) but it’s also used for informal meetings and a few public events like lectures by students.

I’m at a loss on what’s the best way to tag such spaces. My intuition is that it should be ammenity=student_centre but it doesn’t appear on the wiki and I can’t think of anything else that fells right.

Here is a photo of such a space. I tagged it as ammenity=student_centre and room=hall. (feel free to comment on both of these tagging choices)

I would consider tagging it amenity=community_centre + community_centre:for=student, which has some usage: community_centre:for=student | Tags | OpenStreetMap Taginfo. The description on the wiki for amenity=community_centre is “Community centres are public locations where members of a community tend to gather for group activities, social support, informal and formal meetings, public information, events and festivities, and other purposes” which to me sounds quite similar to your description of these spaces

I’m not aware if an equivalent tag exists already, but maybe you could propose a new one to fill this need if it does not already exist.