How to become project manager

Hi all,

I am currently interested in holding a mapathon to map buildings in some parts of Myanmar for flood exposure analysis. However, I realised that there aren’t many projects on Myanmar on HOT. I have tried searching for other tools that allow mass mapping collaboration on OSM - but it seems like there is only HOT.

As such, I am looking to create a project for the study area in Myanmar. To do this, it seems like I would need to become a project manager on OSM. Does anyone have any idea on how to do this?

Thank you so much!

It’s an role issue. The operator of the website has to give your profile the corresponding rights.
So just have a look in the contact details and write an email for example.

more info:
Maybe a start point:

Hey R0bst3r, thanks for the reply and suggested links!
Really appreciate it :slight_smile: