How to avoid duplication of effort?

Recently discovered this project, after having given up on starting something like it myself due to poor programming skills.

Anyway I thought of mapping the San Diego Zoo since the maps they give at the gate, being designed by graphic artists, suck. However, over the last week or so I’ve seen the map of the area being updated. I have no idea if this is someone importing from some other source or mapping it themselves of how detailed they plan to get. Whatever is going on, I won’t be doing it until I stop seeing updates.

I thought I might do the Wild Animal Park (A big annex to the zoo out in BFE) but I’d hate to start it and find that someone has done so.

Is there a place where one see if someone is working on something and join them or to start one that others may join.

use and you can subscribe to changes of an area, and you can see who changes what.

I think you should just try to edit the area, every thing helps if someone sees that your are helping they will probably be glad.