how to automatically remove the name

what should a software bot or script look like, or how to automatically remove the name:ru tag from a certain administrative unit with one edit. For example, to from this

I want to delete name:ru streets of Western Ukraine. What for ? Because the streets of western Ukraine do not have Russian official names at all, and there are no signs with Russian street names on the houses.

Everything that Russian cartographers wrote in name:ru is a fantasy of online translators.

There is a group of cartographers of the Ukrainian branch of the Openstreetmap community, which also believes that name: ru in western Ukraine should be removed

Hi Poliakoff Mykhailo, please read these lines
There are several changes that there goes something wrong while running a bot.
You also could start an edit war.

Nowadays we should use another term for that behaviour…

If this is persistent or widespread inappropriate behaviour, you can report the user (go to their profile and click ‘Report this User’) and the administrators can act.

Do note that many roads have no street name plate and that the traditional or local name might not be well known.

Do note that many places do have exonyms, for example, this castle in Ireland has name:uk applied:

Hi muralito, a floating object is named a boat, skiff or cruiser. It comes down to this, it floats :slight_smile:
The same goes for disagreement, quarrel or war its just another scale of the event. :frowning:
Btw any suggestions ? If you object one, please suggest another one !