How to attribute to Carto

I made a historical map of my town:

Which is here.

I don’t want to attribute to the OSM community as a whole in the normal manner because I made most of the map myself.
But the rendering software and style is called “Carto” I believe.
How to attribute to Carto?

The ultimate goal is to make a website showing a map on which people can switch between now and 90 years back. I will provide a link to a list with resources. The OSM community will be on the top of that list for sure :slight_smile:

The openstreetmap-carto style is available under CC0 according to the LICENSE.txt file in its git repository. So when you only use the Carto style and no OSM data, no attribution is required. (But of course you can still credit Carto voluntarily.)

Thank you! I never saw this LICENSE file until now :slight_smile: