How to amend faults in coastline and boundaries

This section includes 2 kinds of faults:

  1. The coastine is wrong
  2. the administrative boundary is wrong.

How to amend these faults?
Can I just edit tags and save them??

I meant edit “positions”, not “tags”. Sorry!

Hi Dilbert,

you can edit your postings after sending. Simply hit the EDIT link.

To answer your question: Yes, everybody is welcome to correct and enhance existing data.


Thanks Chris for fast answer.
I was just concerned to break some rules by editing “predefined” objects like coastlines and administrative boundaries.
BTW, I have corrected the faults in question…

In Italy many of the administrative boundaries were imported, not drawn, so they are inaccurate. I spent some time fixing them around Genova. The coastline too in many cases is an import, so you are welcome to improve it. Note that the coastline is updated less frequently in Mapnik than other objects.