How to address a small error in the Map?

New to the groups, Inneed help on how to address a small error in the map. At a certain point, the Map shows a green (land) area while in fact it is blue (water). We know this is an error, since we use to boat there :slight_smile:

Who can help to fix this? I am happy to send more specific data, af course.

Frank - Netherlands

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The most common ways to report an error are creating a note or adding a fixme. Keep in mind that there are sometimes +7 years old notes/fixmes if the area doesn’t have active users.

Or you could notify your local community, such as Nederland (Netherlands) - OpenStreetMap Community Forum and maybe someone will fix it straight away.


The (nearly) whole point of OSM is that you can fix it yourself.

Now the specific case might be a bit more complex, so I would suggest providing a link to the area in question (zoom in to the location on and then copy the URL).


It would help to know which map and which location!


Hi all

Thanks for the tips; I might contact the NL department.

This is the area: OpenStreetMap Where the small centered green area with copy “Berkhout … … … … Avenhorn” says, it should be blue: you can boat here :slight_smile:

So not of major importance, but if there is anyone who can fix this it might help others.

Thanks, Frank

Someone has fixed it.

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Indeed; this is exactly the area!
Well done, thanks! Now we can savely boat there again :slight_smile: