How to add township boundaries

Hi ,

I want to update township in Yangon , Myanmar. However ,currently some people are using Town Point and some are using borough. What should it be for township ? How can we add the boundaries for township ?

In google map , when I search Botahtaung , it’s showing with boundaries . You can check at following link,+Yangon,+Republic+of+the+Union+of+Myanmar/@16.7733463,96.1806142,15z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x30c1ec5e6f25a69d:0x1f0b2d4cbeb82ac4

Now , georeverse ( ) is showing wrong information for Yangon. Without the boundaries information , I think geo reverse cannot get the correct Township now.

I think it’s up to the local community of Myanmar to decide how to map townships. And of course document it, so other mappers can follow those rules.

In order to map the borders, you need a source that is compliant with ODbL. Google Maps is NOT such a source. But you are correct that Nominatim (and other geo coders) need those borders to properly reply the address of a point.

@escada , Thank you. Now, I am start working on Yangon Township GeoJSON.

May I know what is the correct properties in GeoJSON. After finish , how can I contribute this township data to OSM ?

It seems like it is already documented how the Townships have to be mapped, see
Did you do any editing at all for OSM so far ? Or will this be your first edit. Boundaries are not for starters IMHO.