How to add plastic bottle recycling container?

In France, there a more and more recycling boxes that accept only plastic bottles (like water or coke bottles) and for each bottle you get a cent or two cents of money.
These are usually in supermarkets and they give a coupon to spend in it.

I was wondering if there was any special tagging option to use to show that reward option. Like some sort of reverse charge.

Thank you for any suggestions.


These are ubiquitous in Norway, although I see very few of them tagged (something to improve!)

What about:

recycling:cans=yes (if it also takes cans)
payment:token=yes (if it's not one of those rare machines still giving out cash)

I don’t think tagging the reward amount is necessary, since this is printed on every bottle.

Typically (at least here), these return points also have a waste basket and a sink for washing your hands, which are publicly accessible. These would be nice to map too.

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Thanks for the replies. It seems like there are different ways to do it… In france you do not pay a deposit at puechase to be refunded. It’s more like an extra business. I suppose it could be considered more like a vending machine than a recycling container (especially as you dont get any money with normal recycling containers) however as far as I know it does get recycled.
Strangely i havent seen many since I wrote this…
Sorry also for replying so late, I am new to the forum and didnt understand where thz notifications were as well as being on holiday ^^

I have noticed they do seem to disappear too, maybe because it is not financially viable.

They introduced the deposit system on plastic bottles in the Netherland too. Saw in the news many/most seem to go missing anyway, a million bottles a day not returned into the cycle. 15 cents small, 25 cents big bottle. Also cans now I see when looking, 15 cents a piece. Paid as deposit, and too many not returned for refund.

I’d go with


only. No recycling-tags at all.


Ich sehe gerade das in meiner Gegend (Niederbayern) ĂĽberhaupt keine, sehr wenige Pfandflaschen RĂĽckgabe Automaten gekennzeichnet sind. Nachholbedarf!!
Hauptsächlich wird es wohl daran liegen das bei uns jeder Supermarkt so eine Automaten besitzt, es ist sozusagen seid Jahren Standard.