How to add an imagery source and layer to JOSM

How do I add a source from page: Maps – JOSM to JOSM?

Any beginner texts on this subject?

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If I’m correct, the imagery sources mentioned on this page should automatically show up in the ‘Imagery’ menu of JOSM when your ‘viewport’ is in the correct location.

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Are you sure?

None of the sources I’m interested in are possible to select in JOSM.

You can find all available WMS under menu Background → Background-Settings

Where is menu “Background”? Can’t find it in JOSM.

Sry, my bad. It’s “Imagery” in English or you can find it also under Preferences:

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I have used settings in this page before, but the problem is how to add new sources.

I assume this should be done by following instructions in the link given: " New default entries can be added in the Wiki".

But how to proceeded from there? The documentation there seems to be written for experts, and I don’t understand much. Besides the page have some of sources I want to use in JOSM.

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I’m a bit confused as to what is the actual problem here - here’s a reply about the first thing it might be:

Can you give an example of a source that you’re trying to use (exact name from the list) and a location where you’re trying to use it (exact co-ordinates)? With those, someone might be able to understand what it is you’re trying to do and why it doesn’t work.

(and here’s the other answer)

Indeed - I also have a map layer that I’d like to add to that page (created entirely from OSM data, so licensing isn’t a problem), but frankly life is too short to wade through JOSM’s “documentaton” without a simple example to follow.

However, it is possible to add a personal imagery source relatively easily.

Edit / preferences / imagery / + TMS
(that’s one of the tiny buttons at the bottom right)

Then enter the URL in a format something like{zoom}/{x}/{y}.png , max zoom level and a name.

Here is my exact problem:

On page Maps – JOSM there is an entry " Örebro options 1 (overlay)" (Under maps/Sweden).

How do I a use this source in JOSM?

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I’ve just done the following:

In Edit / Preferences / Imagery, I searched for Örebro. That found 2 layers. I clicked one and then “activate”, and then OK. I added all the available layers. Now in JOSM I can see the tree that corresponds to this tree (and the other trees).

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Ok, now I got it!

I thought I had to add a new default entry via the Wiki-page. Which I now understand wasn’t necessary.

Thanks for the support!

But still the wiki page documentation is confusing to me.

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Said wiki page is aiming to provide a list of all the imagery sources available in JOSM. All listed sources there should show up in the ‘Imagery’ menu if you’ve downloaded data in the ‘correct’ region.

I looked at the tree mentioned by @SomeoneElse, but the ‘Örebro’ imagery did not show up ‘by itself’, even though it has a border in which it should be loaded.

But if the layer is added via the route that Andy mentions, everything works fine.

I took me a long while, but I’ve managed to add the cadastral survey data of my hometown to JOSM.
Your map/rendering is limited to UK and Ireland, no?

Yes - the style’s designed for England and Wales; currently renders UK and Ireland.

I think I managed to add your tiles to Maps – JOSM.
The way it’s organised, I added two entries, one for GB and one for IE.

I downloaded the bounds with JOSM/Plugins/Imagery-XML-Bounds - OpenStreetMap Wiki and fiddled a bit with the generated XML, based on other entries found on the JOSM Wiki.

IIRC, then after some days these changes should migrate to all JOSM users and they should find your tiles when looking for them in the UK and in IE…

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Someone else (pun intended) merged my two entries and corrected them a little bit.
If I refresh my imagery layers in JOSM the tiles from @SomeoneElse now show up for me.

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By default, imagery layers only update JOSM updates. Instructions for manual update (German) here.

It should be refreshing on a daily basis, assuming that (a) something changed, (b) you are connected to the internet, and (c) the source pages have been modified.

For those interested in the code, see This should be called on every JOSM start in the “Loading imagery preferences” stage, so the oldest that the imagery layers should be is ~1 day if the assumptions are met.