How time it takes for OSM to accept our new suggestion that we sent?

I’m not new but I wonder to ask How time it takes for OSM to accept our new suggestion that we sent? Ex: adding new place, new roads. .etc?


Edits are not moderated, so immediately. Although your browser may cache old maps and give you the impression that the data has not been refreshed.

I imagine quite a lot of people have looked at your edits because of the diary entry. You can also request (by cliking a check box in an editor) for someone to look at what you have mapped and provide advice. The only think I noticed was someone suggesting that there is better imagery than Bing available.

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I’m not clear what you mean by suggestions.

If you mean map notes, they can take from minutes to years, depending on whether or not there someone in the area interested in checking out and mapping the feature, and whether or not it can be verified without actually visiting the place, or relying on copyrighted data.

If you mean something like, you will need to ask them, although, in a lot of cases, they generate map notes.

If you actually enter the change and save it from an editor that directly accesses the OSM API, it takes milliseconds. However, depending on the zoom level, and what else is happening, it may take from about a minute to several hours, or even longer for all the map tiles to update and for the change to visible on the slippy maps. This is for the default map rendering. For cycle and transport versions, it can take up to about a week. Sometimes changes have been made but your browser or ISP is hanging onto an old version.

If you enable the data display, or reload the area into an editor, you will see the changes immediately.

Zoom level 15 is generated on the fly, so if that is lagging it is because your browser or ISP has an old copy. The browser should have a means of refreshing, but the ISP may ignore that.

If you’re this user:

Then I can already see some of the edits that you’ve made such as this one:

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Thanks man now I get it

Yes Andy Im that user u meant, thanks I will do my best for OSM in Kurdistan especially my for nearbly places , now you can look at #batifa its my town I adding many things and thanks for OSM for accepting quickly

Very thanks