How should incomplete relations be handled.

I encountered the following incomplete relations in the Pacific Ocean.

279001, 2325025, 2396795, 2646063, 2647601, 3237101, 4087003, 4521145, 5852766, 7225996, 7226099, 7787834 and 7811157.

When examined, relation 279001 contained way 254821114 which contained no nodes.

I am asked what action or actions I should take to repair these relations and/or ways. I specifically include taking no action and just accepting the warnings issued by splitter. I do understand that there may be reasons to tolerating these warnings.

I tried looking posting on this topic in this forum and the OSM wiki without success.

Interesting that most, but not all, of those cross 180 degrees longitude.

Edit: I closed gaps in Relation: Papua (7226099)

Thank you.

I think you should first check the history of the relations. If the rel was a valid object in the past you might either repair it or contact the mapper who changed/destroyed it in a changeset comment to find out why.