How should I map an area of hard standing?

What tags should I use for an area which is a large expanse of tarmac/concrete that is sometimes used to park vehicles on – but isn’t a parking lot – but can also be used as a general area to store large items – skips, portacabins, etc? Basically a general-purpose hard-surfaced area with no specialized zones that can be used for whatever the owner wants to do with it at any time. Like an airport apron but not at an airport and with no markings.

Something like this?

( )

Thanks for your reply Alejandro.
I didn’t realise I could use the area tag with this sort of thing.
I’ve marked one area with the following tags:
…and OSM seems to be fine with that. It now shows on the map as a large white area which is part of the service road it leads off.
So now I’ll look for the other similar areas and continue in that fashion.
Thanks again.