How should I connect a specific trail to a specific road

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Scottsville Road is accessible from the trail marked by the pin by turning right on the sidewalk and then going down the curb cut at the end of the sidewalk into the shoulder of the road. I often do this on a bicycle. Unfortunately cycling mapping software that reads from OSM doesn’t recognize this and it won’t let me create routes that include that feature. After adding the ‘sidewalk’ feature type to represent the sidewalk, what would be the most appropriate method to connect the sidewalk to Scottsville Road at the curb cut?

Make sure the last point of the sidewalk connects to the highway. I would make sure this connection is past where the slip road connects. It may be useful to add bicycle=yes to the sidewalk way, depending on what local laws are about bikes on sidewalks are.

edit: and it would be great to add all those sidewalks if you have time!
edit: correct tagging error


If bicycles are allowed on sidewalks (“pavement” in British English; I’m from the USA), the correct tag for this access is bicycle=yes (not bike=yes).

There is a vast complexity of how “trails” (for bicycles, hikers, equestrians, even skateboarders…) “connect” to roads. A “curb (kerb) cut,” usually to accommodate wheeled vehicles, especially wheelchairs is but one. Please do see our wiki’s bicycle=* page, as the richness of it and its associated tags (highway=cycleway…) is something you’ll want to “get right” as you embark on a larger endeavor to do so greatly benefits from rather precise and careful tagging.

Have fun mapping!


Thanks for the correction on the tag!

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