How often is the underlying routeing data updated?

How long does it take for changes made to the maps to filter through to the routeing servers? I fixed a few connections in Guernsey several month ago and neither openrouteservice nor Strava seem to realise the paths have changed though the renderings have shown the changes, and they do this literally within a few minutes of any change.

An example is here:

I added paths across the car park at the start/finish as some local cross-country runs go that way and the routeing engines don’t understand car parks properly. I even added a small kink to the path to the left of the orange marker to see if the car park was confusing things, but although the tiles show the kink, the route line ignores it (I made this change in the past day). If you drag the orange marker north by a few hundred metres you’ll see the cliff path doesn’t align with the route line. I think another user moved the cliff path several months ago as it was like this in August and yet the route line hasn’t caught up.

Is this indicative of a larger problem?

Looks fine on graphhopper

Both the routing directions engines used on also show correct route. (click on directions arrows in top left corner)

There is contact info for ORS under the ‘about’ icon the top right corner.
Routing Wiki says regular routing data is updated weekly but wiki may be outdated.

Updating routing can take a long time. I’m currently doing an update of 's routing and it takes about two days solid for the (very loud!) server to crunch through the numbers, so I don’t run it too often. Strava I imagine is fairly similar. OpenRouteService in theory is every week but I’m not sure whether that holds true in reality.

Both Graphhopper and OSRM, which are available through’s own routing interface, run on a continuous update cycle: OSRM updates every day (except on the occasions when there’s a code bug!), I guess Graphhopper is similar. So they’re the best bet for checking your work.

Thanks for replies. I had wondered if there was one underlying routeing system that supplied all these websites (have only seen two, neither of which had updated after many weeks - strava and openrouteservice). Looks like graphhopper is up to date but not mapzen, which doesn’t have yesterday’s kinks in. I’ll see if they update in the next week or so.

I contacted OpenRouteService now I know the different services are storing their own data locally. By return I got an e-mail saying they are sorting out a server issue and the updating isn’t currently working. They’re hoping for a fix in a couple of weeks.

I just checked on OpenRouteService and a fix I made on 29th December still isn’t taken into account, although it works fine on (both Mapzen and OSRM).

I assume they are still using data from November 20??: