How often is the Humanitarian layer updated?

English version below – sorry for our Francophone users here, but I’m only going to use 2 languages to keep it simple.


Misschien is dit beter een vraag voor een algemenere categorie in het forum (ipv dit lokaal gedeelte), maar misschien is er iemand hier die er ook iets van weet ?
Ik vraag mij af om de hoeveel tijd/interval de Humanitarian laag van de kaart wordt geupdate ?
Een paar weken geleden heb ik in mijn gemeente een nieuw rond punt ingetekend
(zie changeset 131280487). Op de andere lagen (Carto, OpenTransportMap, CyclOSM etc) was dit na een paar uur of hoogstens na een paar dagen (caching of geforceerde purge van de cache) zichtbaar.

Op de Humanitarian laag is dit nog steeds niet aanwezig !
Voor mij is dat geen issue an sich gezien ik deze view/laag maar weinig gebruik, maar kaarten die deze laag als basis of overlay/underlay gebruiken zijn zo wel hopeloos verouderd.

Waar of hoe kan dit aangekaart worden ? Of is er ergens een policy waar de Humanitarian laag wordt besproken ?

English version:

Dear all,

Maybe this question would be better placed in a more general category (above this local section), but posting it here anyway if someone is present who also could answer…
I’m wondering what the update interval is of the Humanitarian map layer ?
A few weeks ago I added this roundabout in my neighbourhood: (view changeset 131280487)
The other layers (Carto, OpenTransportMap, CyclOSM etc) were updated promptly or at most a few days later (because of caching or needing a forced purge of the cache upstream).

On the Humanitarian layer, the roundabout is still not present.
For me this isn’t a immediate issue since I hardly use this layer/map. But what about maps that take this layer as their base map or as underlay/overlay ? Those are at risk of being very outdated.

How or where can I report this issue ? Or is there some (written) policy present on this layer ?

Mvg, best regards,

Ik heb al veel humanitarian zaken tegengekomen die niet weergegeven worden in de Humanitarian layer.
Volgens mij is die layer dood.

I don’t think there’s huge issues with the HOT tiles. Considering that Raster tile providers - OpenStreetMap Wiki says the update frequency says the update frequency should be between 5 minutes and daily, I’d say it might be worth raising an issue on their Github tracker to ask what’s up.

Joost, forgive me my ignorance or lazyness, but which Github tracker should I contact ? On their main Github page they have those 6 pinned repos which each have trackers, but I don’t think my issue should be put there…

Maybe I will reach out to their Open Tech Collective Facilitator mentioned there, and she can redirect me to the correct tracker.
It’s not that I’m totally tech-illiterate. Just only in DevOps :face_with_diagonal_mouth: (I’m a sysadmin by profession, and even there DevOps is still a vague concept…)

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Yes, with a devops background all this must be pretty exotic to you :stuck_out_tongue:

This seems to the place where the style is managed: Issues · hotosm/HDM-CartoCSS · GitHub
That’s not exactly the same as where the servers are managed of course, but I expect there not to be a separate repo for that.
If you’re uncomfortable asking there, you could also join the HOT mailing list and ask there: HOT Info Page