How often is satellite imagery updated?

Im trying to map smaller details in parks in my area (benches, shelters picnic tables etc.) except its very hard to distinguish where things are. Google maps satellite view makes it clear as day, MapBox’s satellite data could be better but its still much better than whats given in OpenStreetMap. Does the satellite background ever get updated? Or are you stuck with what you get.

Satellite imagery does get updated, but we don’t really have influence over when that happens – that’s up to the organizations who allow us to use these imagery sources.

Make sure you look at all the available backgrounds in your editor, though. In the “iD” editor on the OpenStreetMap website, that works with the “stacked diamonds” icon on the right. You may be lucky and find one which is better for your area than the one that’s active by default.

Hi PacoBain, did you considered to use a GPS to mark those objects in the parks around you ? Several times just to be shure your points come at the right spot since most GPS are several meters out of place.