How may I update OSM attribute values in QGIS and upload back to OSM

Hello I understand that OSM has topology requirements that make JOSM the preferred way to edit geometry. I will do the geometry edits in JSOM however most of my improvements are to the Attribute table. I am developing a historical and architectural dataset and I would like to upload the relevant updated attribute information back to the OSM project but leave the geometry unchanged.
I have kept the Building# field that I acquired with the overpass.turbo export. If I have the building# field preserved can I join my attribute table to the existing OSM data and update the relevant records?

Note that commercial software has a dedicated OSM editor. Kudos to esri i guess.
ArcGIS Editor for OSM 10.8.x Desktop
ArcMap tools that support using OpenStreetMap data inside ArcGIS. Load .osm files, apply symbology, contribute data back to OSM, and create network datasets from OSM data files.
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I advise against using either of them to edit OSM. Take time to “unlearn” QGIS/ArcGIS, otherwise you will keep stumbling on your way.
The data model of GIS apps is not 1:1 losslessly compatible with OSM. Two examples: 1) key-value attributes vs tables with finite number of fixed fields, 2) topological model vs point/line/area model.
The truth is you can do “attribute table” editing in JOSM as well (Ctrl+T) when objects are selected.

But this is not the most important thing. You did not tell whether you have permission to upload data to OSM. I don’t know whether you are going to edit in the US (as given by your prior edits), but please contact the local community. Please read

I found this Opendata Plugin - using data from a spreadsheet