How long does migration of edit through zoom, map layers take?

This is my first post and I have conducted a search, but could not find an answer with my search terms. So hopefully this has not been asked.

I have recently made a few edits, including:

  • Changing Butmaroo Firetrail to Butmaroo Station Trail
  • Added the previously unidentified Butmaroo Firetrail to the
  • Added a locked gate at the edge of the National Park
  • Split trail at the gate to indicate private road
  • Split trail to designate trail name changes.

What I want to know, is how long for this to be migrated to the other map layers e.g. CycleOSM?
Why does the trail break up when I zoom in on the standard layer?
Bonus points, does anyone know what the OpenTopoMaps migration time is?


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This depends on how the consumer of OSM data has set things up and could be anything between a one digit number of minutes and never.

The thing to understand is that third party provided map layers, services etc are exactly that, third party provided. While there are some criteria for inclusion on they are quite loose and for many reasons may not be fulfilled all the time.

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Thanks. I did not realise the other layers were third-party provided.

For cycleways specifically, about a day if tagged as a lane of the main road. So happened to tag a (painted) cycle lane yesterday and it showed up this morning.

Same for cycle tracks on CycleOsm and CycleMap layers

As far as the Valhalla/OSRM/GraphHopper routers picking these up, from a few days to 7-10 days, GraphHopper the slowest.

edit: And if not showing… Ctrl+F5 or Shft+Ctrl+R force a browser cache refresh.

Thanks. I wasn’t designating it as a cycle track. It is a Firetrail, so I was hoping it would be picked up quickly. Thanks for that answer.

I am using Viking GPS Editor and Analyser. I know it uses OpenTopoMaps, but I would have to confirm what routing API it uses, but this is what I was after.