How long does it take to update after an OpenStreetMap change is made.

fixed my home one in OpenStreetMap, but other maps don’t update it. InDriver and Yandex.
We asked InDriver and Yandex. When asked, this update is dependent on OpenStreetMap. Who can help? Who should you contact?
Is there a representative office in Russia or Kazakhstan?

IMHO you should keep on asking each company you mentioned that use the raw OSM data.

THEY are responsible for the workflow how and WHEN OSM data is used for their services.

Andy from OSM’s Data Working Group here. We get asked that question a lot.

… and that’s exactly the right answer. Unfortunately it can take some time before third-party services that use OSM data update their systems after something has been changed in OSM. When that happens is under the control of the third-party company itself - there’s nothing people from OSM can do.