How long does it take for applying user edits?

to whom read this
I have been a complaint housekeeper for Snap drivers for over 1 year. because in my town many roads and ways,old official building names and etc… are false or should be replace by new own name. thats why I’m coming online and create a user on OSM and try to make some effects on them by editing stuff and sent specific report that knew about it.
so how long does it take for user like me to apply

second topic open for answering

Hi iraj_kh
In OpenStreetMap your changesets don’t need to approve by anybody. And they’ll apply as soon as you hit the save button.
Snap use openstreetmap data But, I think thay have a specific schedule (monthly or every 15 days) to get new data. So you can ask of local manager or HQ the exact time they update map.

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