How long does it take for applying user edits?

to whom read this
I have been a complaint housekeeper for Snap drivers for over 1 year. because in my town many roads and ways,old official building names and etc… are false or should be replace by new own name. thats why I’m coming online and create a user on OSM and try to make some effects on them by editing stuff and sent specific report that knew about it.
so how long does it take for user like me to apply

All edits applied to OSM database immediately.
Default map on could be changed after some time. From a couple minutes to a several hours.
It depends on current servers load level.
Also you could use Ctrl-F5 in you browser to force it to clear image cache.

My understanding of the question is that the use wants to know when he could start editing!
So, iraj_kh, you can start editing the map as soon as you have created your account: right now!

Please read the information available: