How long do coastline changes take to show up in each baselayer ?

Im a newbie to OSM - great project !

Im working in the area 49.0248, -123.1516 to update the coastline to match changes made in the last 18months.

I can see the changes Ive made if I switch to the Osmarender base layer but I cannot see the changes in the mapnik base layer.

As its my first set of edits Im assuming because its showing in one layer the changes I made were good and I havent broken anything.

Ive researched and so far seem to have found that the osmarender layer renders updates in almost real time whereas the mapnik layer doesnt.

So Im curious to know if I have broken something or how long it takes for coastline changes to be updated to the mapnik layer ( I waited 24hrs after the changes before posting this question ).


Welcome to OSM,

Although most of the edits are very uptodate on the “mapnik” base layer, coastlines are processed separately and unfortunately less frequently. Typically only once every couple of weeks. If your changes show up on the “osmarender” baselayer though then you have likely done everything correct and it just needs a bit of time to show up.

Some more information about it can be found at

Thanks for the quick reply …