How is this handled? Only hotel portion of building closed, temporaril

The Holiday Inn in Rochester, MN, occupies some floors of a multistory building. The floors above the hotel are for high-end apartments / penthouses. The ground floor has some businesses.

The Holiday Inn portion of the building closed in early fall or late summer of 2018. The hotel floors are undergoing gutting and reconstruction. It is expected they will open as a different hotel in 2019.

By the way, the Days Inn a few blocks away also closed about the same time. The building will soon be demolished. I submitted a delete request for the Days Inn. The Days Inn building housed a Pannenkoeken restaurant. They want to move, but have not yet found a new location. They are currently closed.

I drove by there. “Holiday Inn” identifications (name, logos) have been removed from the exterior.

What application are you talking about?
Where have you send your delete request?
Is the data based on OSM? Or some data layer etc.?

If the data source is OSM, visit, login with your account and click edit button.
Demolished buildings can be removed. Points of interest can use the Lifecycle Prefix tags, please see

If you are uncertain, click checkbox review requested before uploading to database.
Good luck!

maybe add a description, with that link you show here ?

Thanks, henke34. That seems to solve it.