How is this area coded?


Can anyone help me see how the mauve (pedestrian?) area ‘Red Lion Square’ and connected places are mapped/tagged?

I’ve looked at the wireframe and can’t see any boundary lines at all - just highway=* and building=*

Must be missing something obvious?



By mauve I guess that you mean the vaguely market stall-shaped icon that represents ? If so, it’s because it’s tagged “amenity=marketplace” .

The actual bit of code that does this, if you’re interested, is .

I think generally the areas you are looking at are those tagged as highway=pedestrian, area=yes. In the case of thr marketplace as SomeoneElse said the area has further tags, but that is not always the case, e.g. the area to the southwest of the marketplace has no name or other tags beyond the two I mentioned (but slightly confusingly is also represented by a linear highway=footway which does have a name).

Thanks both - thanks to your replies I discovered I needed to switch on landuse elements in the editor - which caused their boundaries to show up.