How do you handle edit conflicts in JOSM

I like mapping off the grid, that means using JOSM which I don’t have so much experience with. One of the problem with JOSM editing is edit conflicts, does anyone have a any experience with a handling this?

I managed to replace a very long way, resulting in loads of unused nodes scattered all over the place. My solution to this is to use Potlatch and revert this way, but I’m most surprised that JOSM didn’t help me spot this error.

This is a hard thing to discuss, but if you have any experience to share please do.

What I usually do is:

  • Press the left arrow that’s pointing downwards
  • Press the middle arrow pointing upwards
  • Save.

When I’m editing a way I’m pretty sure I know what I’m doing so I don’t want to find out what’s wrong just make my edits permanent.

Brrr… Though a sane approach in terms of workload for you, you will loose the changes made by other people. In my case some one had added a coastline through the area where I was editing, I’m guessing his work would all be lost if I did that?

Hmmm… Update data prior to upload, resolve conflicts and then upload is the way its supposed to work… isn’t it?

Dunno though, I keep getting into trouble…


API 0.6 should fix this by giving every object a version number. The API will then reject uploads where the uploaded object version doesn’t match the version in the database.

Until API 0.6 the best you can do is download data before uploading. Uploads that occur between the download and the server processing your upload will still get lost. Every editor will have this problem. The only way I can see to avoid it is for the editor to wait a while, then download the history of every object it modifies to check no changes have been lost. Even that isn’t fool proof as an offline editor can upload modifications to data that is hours, days or even weeks old losing any changes that have been made since the data was originally downloaded.

I get most errors downloading data in areas that I’ve already made changes to. On upload I’ve never seen a merge conflict notice…

No API 0.6 wont help in anyway, I’ll just have to use the conflict resolving dialog instead of just uploading. To be honest in my post above I hadn’t found that “merge layer” button. So I never got conflicts… :slight_smile:

This has happened to me:

  1. get dual ways
    This is when someone has deleted your way and added a new, or you both added the same thing.

  2. get “random” nodes all over the place
    You get this when you edit an old version of the way, and your version leaves lots of new nodes unreferenced.

I’ve never managed to solve this in the conflict manager.