How do you get to the forum?

This may seem like a stupid question, as I am already here, but I’ve actually found it difficult to find out about this forum.

I found out about this forum while browsing the talk-au archives, but appart from that I haven’t seen any dominant links to it. Would it be possible to get a link to it on the main page or something? Or is there one there but I can’t see it?

This has been discussed before and the same arguments still apply today.

Glad I’m not blind. Didn’t see (or look for) that post before. Thanks for the reply.


after reading the other topics about a link to this forum from within the main-page, the reasons why there should NOT be a link ist not clear to me.

The are a number of users who have general questions about OSM, and they are posting it in the User Diaries! Maybe many Users even don’t know about the forum.

In my opinion the forum is a better place for general questions.

So I would be happy about a link to the forum on the main-page.

Lambertus: if you still don’t want to have a link there, is it possible to place a link or a hint to the forum when a user is going to write a new diary post?

Greetings from stephan

It’s not that I don’t want a link to the forum on the frontpage. In contrary, I maintain this forum because it is of help to a lot of newcomers so I like it to be as accessible as possible. The fact is that a majority of OSM-ers (of the ones that I asked who are mostly long standing OSM contributors) think that the forum should not be more prominent then the other communication options (IRC, mailinglist, wiki, etc).