How do you fix warnings after saving your edits?

When i scrolled through my changesets i saw that one of them has been marked with error, is there any way i can fix this?

On what site are you looking at your changesets?

Edit: See below, it’s actually a “warnings:crossing_ways:highway-highway=1” changeset tag added by the iD editor.

OpenStreetMap, also this is my changeset Changeset: 138577879 | OpenStreetMap

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Hi and welcome to OSM

Have knowledge how to work thru the warnings in ID Editor prior to saving (that ignore button is tempting ;o) but the after save I would not know. Nowadays work in JOSM which does lots of pre-upload validation and use OSM Inspector with many a view and filters which does update twice daily with a global validation and problem pinpointing. That’s what I work through daily in the areas I’ve mapped.

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It’s not possible to change tags that have been added to changesets after the changeset has been closed, but you can go back in afterwards and investigate what the warning was about. When I edit Way: 1189978197 | OpenStreetMap the warning pops up for me - do you want to try it?


Thanks, fixed it!

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Clearly I missed to convey what I meant, so here’s a screen shot


ID tells there were error(s) one did not catch prior to uploading but those warnings in the summary are linkless which requires the user to go back in and seek. Small CSs no big deal. Hundreds of changes an arduous task. With JOSM one can reload the CS or the area, select it all and hit Shft+V to get a validator warning list with jumps to the offending object.


Yes, JOSM has an ignore too and those are not tallied in the CS summary like ID does above. Would be a useful feature if you ask me


Unless you have the MapWithAI plugin installed in which case it will triple the size of the Changeset. :stuck_out_tongue:

That aside as these normally gets ignored for a reason and JOSM actually intercepts the upload to warn people about them I think “publically shaming” the editor for choosing not to respond to a validator complaint is a step too far. We already get people blindly fixing validator warnings that should be ignored without this.

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That’s a good contra reason, particularly now that JOSM has a bug which lists all and everything deemed needing a fix of a the data area loaded even when not touching the object (bug report filed). I’m working now in a data set of 120MB… very hard to filter out what I actually broke.


Oh, and Prof Neis perma tallies those on his public personal reports too. :sunglasses: