How do routers interpret access=permissive?

The wiki page for this tag seems rather terse. I noticed it applied to this private camping club, so I changed it to access=private since OpenCampingMap doesn’t recognize access=permissive. Still curious though how common the use of this access tag is.

It’s like permanently open gate allowing to enter private driveway/parking, or side entrance to school terrain open to public, that can be closed at any time without further notice.
With access=permissive I’d expect it to be open publicly during most year.

Here you can see how commonly used a tag is: access=permissive | Tags | OpenStreetMap Taginfo

As for the question about how routers interpret ANY tag, it will be an individual configuration for each routing software. Unless you have access to their source code, you can find a usecase in the map and test routing over it with the routers you are interested in.

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the details depend on the jurisdiction and situation, an open gate does not automatically entitle you to enter a private property in many places, even no gate does not give you this right. Indeed permissive means you don’t have any right but the owner is ok with it.

since OpenCampingMap doesn’t recognize access=private.

that is not a valid reason to change tagging, see Tagging for the renderer - OpenStreetMap Wiki

The wiki page for this tag seems rather terse.

which part is unclear? Or what kind of info is missing?

How do routers interpret access=permissive?

Typically: as open to general public (matching its meaning)

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Sorry I put a typo in my original post and fixed it now. Calling some editing “tagging for the renderer” is not always constructive as there will always be people who do tag and do things outside of convention who never bother to reach out to the community. OpenCampingMap does not recognize access=permissive, so I looked at the tagging to find out why because the site is not a general campground one can drop in for the night.

Instead, one must purchase a site to stay there, at least $10,000, so it is not a campground open to the general public. access=private is a much better match to the characteristics of the site.

Is it having a special handling for access=yes? Maybe it simply has no special rendering for public camping, and only private/restricted camping has special markings.