How do I tag a point with exact coordinates?

I have a bunch of backwoods campsites that are in a park. The website has the exact coordinates for where they are but I cannot figure out how to add a point with its’ proper coordinates.

How can this be achieved?

Hello Wild_Spike,

You can achieve this by putting JOSM in advanced mode.
Then adding a node with your tags.
Selecting the node.
Select Tools > Move node
And adding your coordinates in the box:

Does this answer your question?


Thank you. I never used JOSM before. I guess I will have to try it.

Do you know the camp sites? To verify whether the location is correct? Sometimes official available coordinates do not match the reality on the ground.


It’s a simple thing to do.
What kind of editor do you use? Do you want to do it graphically or just with text?

Level0 can do manual coordinates:

node <ID>: <lat>, <lon>
    <tag> = <value>

Documentation here.