How do I tag a gravel area?

For the area in the screenshot, is my tagging correct?
This is a restaurant.


This is probably not the restaurant, no?
If it is their outdoor seating area, then in my opinion you could use leisure=outdoor_seating with surface=gravel.


landuse does not require an additional surface tag and a restaurant will surely not have a gravel surface. If there is a gravel covered footway or service road or parking area this can separately be mapped with surface=gravel but I would not recommend this for the whole area.

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No outdoor seating. It’s a filler area between the seating and the road.

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Not many restaurants would dare to offer their guest an outdoor seating area covered with rough gravel unless they can provide sturdy boots to their female customers arriving in high heels … :wink:

But you are right, if a restaurant has an outdoor seating area covered with gravel it would be well worth tagging the surface (although this is not encouraged in the wiki acutally).

(Plus how are you going to clean up the food that falls on the “floor.” The health department would not permit such a surface inside a (outside) restaurant, I bet.)

don’t have to clean up, all those scraps magically disappears between the cracks.


I would probably simply not map it in this case…


Not map it? But that takes all the fun out of the (OSM) Project.

Okay, if it was just a patch of weeds then okay I guess I wouldn’t bother mapping it.

But if somebody’s trying to make a complete map of somewhere, more power to them!

My suggestion is to just map surface=gravel + area=yes.
You’re not mapping any road/path, landuse, roof, bridge or any POI, just a surface, so I think this is correct.