How do I submit a change to my city's Ward Map?

I see my city (Florissant, Mo. USA) map has dashed lines representing the boundary of each councilor’s Ward. I would like to make a simpler map with straight lines (Lat&Long) that will better represent the number of citizens enclosed. I have worked out the lines for this but have no idea how to draw a line on the map. :frowning:

The city has 9 Wards. I have 2 latitude lines that divide the population in 1/3s. I then have 6 vertical lines between them (2 in each portion). I would like to show our mayor and councilors the over-all map in order to get the boundaries changed. And then make 9 detailed maps for each Ward so the Neighborhood Watch leaders can be given daily notices where Notable crimes are occurring. This information may stimulate our block captains to do a better job competing with the other Wards.

Does Umap fit your needs?

In particular, these are changes you must not make on the OSM map itself.