How do I set my home location?

I would like to be able to set my home location (i.e. so that when I sign in to OpenStreetMap, click on my name at the top right corner and click on ‘Go to Home Location’, I am taken to that location).

I used to be able to do this before, but it seems that I can no longer find out where or how to do this.

I saw this thread - - but I do not see any link or button with the caption ‘Update home location when I click on the map?’.

Can anyone help?

Hi, looks like a mistake now on the instructions you linked to.

Log in to OSM.
Click on your name, a drop-down menu appears.
Click on “My Profile”.
Click the button “Edit Profile”
Scroll down to the “Home Location” map.
Follow the instructions to pinpoint your location.
Click the button “Update Profile”

Your location should now be set.


The same outdated information was listed at Nearby users on Wiki. I have just updated it based on BCNorwich’s instructions, and created a redirect at Home location to make searching easier.