How do I load POIs or waypoints

Is there batch method of loading a few waypoints or POI ? eg cities and other POI (public toliets and parks etc…)

Hmm, can you elaborate a bit? Where do you want to load the waypoints into? Up to the OSM server or …?

to start with I know some of the towns and cities aren’t in OSM for “outback” Australia how do I get these uploaded in bulk… assuming I know the co-ords for these.

There are two methods of bulk uploading GPX data: Using the website and JOSM. If you want to bulk-upload more then just GPX data then JOSM is your best option.

There is more info about handling GPX tracks and converting waypoints in the wiki.

its not tracks I want to upload its POI, Points of interest or items like towns or cities

eg if I have 20 cities coordinates I want to upload can I load these up using the load traces? or some other method?

In my previous answer I assumed that you’d gathered the coordinates by tracking them or marking them as a waypoint in your GPS. The best thing to do in that case is to load the tracks or waypoints into JOSM and add nodes to the spots you want to mark as a city or town.

Same method works when you’ve written the coordinates down. If you’ve gathered the info from some geo source (make sure the licence is compatible with OSM) you might be better of writing a script that translates the format used by that geo source to the OSM format and upload using JOSM.

For an even better answer I really need to know in what format your POI’s are, so please elaborate.