How do I install GMAPSUPP.IMG files into MapSource


Need some help with mkgMap and Garmin

I have done some Garmin maps with contour lines.
The actual street data is in one osm file and the contour lines in another file.
This result in 2 selectable maps in MapSource which are on top of each other.

I know that I can make one GMAPSUPP.img file from mkgMap, but can I install a GMAPSUPP file into MapSource.

What I really looking for is a way of combining the two osm files which makes up one area into one img file.
Later on I will have a lot of these combined img files which I like to have in one big GMAPSUPP file.
At the end i will have a lot of small GMAPSUPP files for each area and a big one for all.
All the small GMASUPP files should be installed into MapSource


You can’t install a gmapsupp.img into MapSource. Compile individual tiles in mkgmap, then use mkgmap to create a TDB file from the list. (Read the mkgmap --help=options). After you have the TDB, use Mapsettoolkit to install into MapSource (or BaseCamp). Don’t try to use Mapsettoolkit to generate the TDB files from the IMG list. The last time I tried this, it didn’t work.

In summary, mapsource plots each individual tile in order of its mapname. Thus you want the contour tiles to be transparent, and to have mapnames that are higher than the base map. Then mapsource will plot them on top of the base map.

Have a read of this:

To make a mapsource installer with mkgmap, you can add --nsis to your mgkmap parameters. Then you need to install nsis from to create an exe file from the nsi file that mkgmap produces.

Thanks for all the good information.

I managed to get it working by just copy all the osm/xml data into one file and feed that to mkgmapp.


You can use Mapsettoolkit to “install” gmapsupp into Mapsource. In case you speak German, here you find an tutorial to do so and here you find one in English.

I didn’t think this was possible. The last time I tried to compile mkgmap generated IMG files into a TDB using cgpsmapper, cgpsmapper rejected the operation. Are mgkmap IMGs now compatible with cgpsmapper?

Just wondering, I did this serveral times with Raumbezug maps and it worked. They are writing on their website they use mgkmap for creation.

You can easy split and install gmapsupp to Mapsource with GMapTool. If you prefer MapSetToolKit, than it can use command line version of GMapTool to create TDB too.

You mean: Split gmapsupp.img in individual tiles (like 63240957.img) and then install the individual tiles in Mapsource?

Yes, look at “Split” tab, there is a split for Mapsource, which creates all files (except index, search is not supported yet). Preview map should be compiled, GMapTool needs cGPSmapper or MapTK for compilation, you can set path to compiler in “Options” tab. After splitting for Mapsource you will find install.bat in map directory. Run it from map directory to install map for Mapsource.

You can execute split for Mapsource with multiple img, which can be composed like gmapsupp or single tiles like 12345678.img.