How do I get the boundary of locality

When we scroll (zoom) through the map, we can see different locality being popped, When we zoom further deep, we can get smaller local areas.

Here are some Images or those Locality

How can I extract those areas?

The marked places on the above image.
Naryan Chaur, Boudha, Sinamalgal

Hi, There are no areas mapped to the features Narayan Chaur, Boudha, and Sinamalgal, they are POI nodes only.

To query features on click to highlight the “Query features” symbol bottom symbol, right side of map. Zoom in to the feature/object, click the center of the area you wish to query. A list is given of “Nearby features” and “Enclosing features”. If the object you are interested in is/has an area it should be in the list.

Thank you BCNorwich,
As you mentioned that those are POI, going through the wiki, It was suggested that, POI have tag amenity. I tried to get those data using osmium tags-filter, export

osmium tags-filter nepal-latest.osm.pbf nwr/amenity -o nepal-latest-PIO-nwr.pbf
osmium export nepal-latest-PIO-nwr.pbf -f geojson -o nepal-latest-POI-nwr.geojson.json

I still cannot get those data Narayan Chaur, Boudha, and Sinamalgal.

Is there a way that I can extract them on csv or json format?

Hi, None of the three places are tagged as amenity= All three are tagged place=
I don’t know how to use osmium so can’t help there.

Taking “Dillibazar” as an example - to reiterate what BCNorwich has said, there is no area information associated with this in OSM.

It’s in OSM as a node: .

Over at the left-hand side of that page is all the information about it that OSM has. In this case it’s the name, the latitude and longitude, and the fact that it is tagged “place=suburb”. OSM does not have any other information. If you want to extract OSM data from around that area, you’ll need to decide how big an area you want (and also what sort of data you want as well).

Thank you BCNorwich!

Hello SomeoneElse,

I see there are no area information associated with the places, there.

Looking through the map, we can see “Dillibazar” in zoom level 14 and higher. “MaitiDevi” in zoom level 13. Some big areas are show first and when zoomed, we can get other small places.

Where can we find how the OSM map decide to render a particular place in that zoom level. I think based on that we can estimate the area.

The handling of placenames on OSM Carto’s “standard” map style is here:

and the things that decides whethere something goes in to that piece of code is here:

If you want to experiment with how things render in this map style you can follow one of and then experiment with changing the “zoom” values in placenames.mss .