How do I follow up a mkgmap bug report?

I posted a bug report to the mkmapdev list, Friday morning, answered a follow up question yesterday, and have seen no further discussion about it since.

I can see where it might not be high on the developers priority because the bug deals with contour rendering in MP files. Minor and intermediate contours between 7440 and 7760 feet elevation don’t get rendered, but minor and intermediate contours outside of those elevations render fine. The problem doesn’t exist at build 1173 and does exist at every build since.

Is there a way to find out if the bug is on anybody’s list to address, or must I download and run every subsequent build?


There is no way to see what is on who’s todo list. In my experience you have to wait until someone picks it up, perhaps keep the subject warm now and then. The alternative is to mail a patch, which is the usual quick way to a solution.

Thanks, since patches are way out of my league I’ll just keep my eye on the email.


Is there a specific reason you’re using MP files? I’ve got contours going nicely using OSM files generated from srtm2osm.


I’m mapping in the US and I’m not using srtm data. I’m getting DEM data from the USGS seamless server and Also, I’m integrating lots of other NHD and USGS vector and raster data. The easiest way to do that is using Global Mapper, which is way more friendly to MP than OSM. I use mkgmap to compile because it supports routing.