How do I fix this college grounds?

I am currently mapping educational facilities around the North West of England. I have wanted to amend St Helens College for a couple weeks now, but I do not understand how and why it has been mapped as it currently is.

There is a relation (6454407) with a member way (435343447) acting as an outer.
The relation contains information about the College itself but also acts as a multipolygon for the college grounds even thought a multipolygon is not needed at all in this situation from my understanding. This is even more confusing due to the fact that the way is tagged as a power line. I have looked and there is no power line above (and to my knowledge) below the college that circles its parameter. To top it all off there is another way (469213073) that is tagged as a college but does not use the of St Helens College relation and that only has 1 other tag to do with accessibility for wheelchair users but is a very rough shape.

I thought that somebody may have created this relation due to the fact that St Helens College runs more than one facility (St Helens College Technical Campus) but that other facility (way 31981724) has no relations back to St Helens College.

The only thing I can think of is to transplant all the information from the relation into a new way that makes up the college grounds removing the relation and the power line that does not actually exist, however I wanted to preserve the editing history of other mappers as they are the ones in the first place to have put it on the map and I don’t want that to be easily lost. But in its current state it has a power line that does not exist and it seems to be overly complicated.

I looked at other colleges and other educational facilities around the UK and Europe and did not find a single one that seemed to be formed in the same way as this is with a relation holding all the college information and acting as a multipolygon for a fully self contained campus.

I don’t know if I am just misunderstanding or confusing something here but I would like to hear how others would approach this before I do as I don’t want to just remove things that others have taken the time and effort to create.

Yes, it’s wrongly tagged.
You should:

  • cut all the tags from relation and paste them to the line
  • remove power=line and type=multipolygon tags from it
  • remove this line from the relation - this relation will be removed
  • remove this line
  • you could copy wheelchair tags but I think they don’t make sense on areas, it’s better to add them to buildings or POIs, but as you wish
  • add missing college buildings :slight_smile: