How do i find out what item was deleted?


I been mapping an area by adding & amending many items.
From looking at the history I see someone has (quite legitimately, I expect) deleted some of these items.
I’ve sent a message to the other user & I’m awaiting his reply.

So I can learn from my mistakes I want to check on what they are.

I know the item’s ref number & I can see the rough area they were in but can’t remember exactly what/where they were.

Is there a way of doing this?

Dave F.

If it wasn’t nodes which were deleted open the area in potlatch and hit “u” for undelete. All deletet ways will appear in red. To finaly restore the way click on the little lock by the way-ID (lower left corner).

Press “u” while editing with Potlatch.

Thanks for the replies.

I thought ‘U’ was just for the session edit I was in not for All deleted items.
The wiki help doesn’t make that crystal clear to me.

Dave F.