How do I enable email notifications?

The setting at top right of the Discourse UI seems to equate notifications with per-browser notifications. It looks like I was just @ed on something but I received no rmail.

How do I set that up?

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You will get notifications on categories you have set the notification level to “Watching” or from the topics you have participated or when someone @mentions you.

There are a whole battery of options under “Emails” and “Notifications” in your settings.

What we don’t seem to have at the moment is “Mailing list mode” which should appear under the “Emails” tab but which seems to be missing on our instance. Most likely it needs a plugin.

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Currently you can reply existing topics by email but we haven’t enabled yet the option to create new topics from email. @Firefishy was looking into it.

Maybe that is a requirement for mailing list mode but it’s not the primary point - what mailing list mode does is to send you every new message and reply for your chosen categories as a separate email much like a mailing list.

There’s more here which doesn’t seem to mention any plugins so I guess it is a builtin feature we don’t have enabled.

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Thanks - this reply was emailed.

The old help site had various email settings including “email of all new topics”. Is that a thing here?

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Currently you can reply existing topics by email but we haven’t enabled yet the option to create new topics from email. @Firefishy was looking into it.

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I think currently you can do it for a category or a tag, by watching them in your settings, but not absolutely everything though I doubt if anybody will really want that once we get different language communities on here.

Mailing list mode possibly makes it easier but not sure off hand.

I would be interested in that, too. At the moment i am using the RSS feeds (just add “.rss” to any category), but i would rather like to have mails instead of rss articles. I am aware of rss2mail, but a direct feature would be one tool less

i just read about the mailing list mode. Maybe in combination with the watch feature of a category (i mean the bell icon and its options) this might work as expected. I am going to try that. But does this send me a mail with every post or every new thread only? I would like only mails on every new thread. Let’s see.

i changed the category notification from “watching” to “tracking”. Watching means really every single post is a mail. I hope that tracking means one mail per new topic, and no mail for every post but only followed topics. There is also the option “watching first post”, which might be sufficient as well.


I’ve just turned “mailing list mode” on for me via “preferences / preferences / emails / mailing list mode”, so we’ll see what happens :slight_smile:

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I have turned it on for 2 weeks now, and what happens is that you get all posts via mail. Ok for now, with few messages in regional categories (and languages), but as soon as almost everything will happen here it will definitely not be viable any more.

I also find the headers confusing, would prefer to be in “cc” rather than “to” (it looks as if these were all messages for me (technically they might be) when it is actually a list)

I changed the notifications in the three categories to “Watching first post” and hope this will reduce mails a lot. I could’nt find a difference between “Tracking” and “Watching” state. In both states i get every post per mail.

Tracking won’t get you notifications or emails (unless you have enabled the mailing list mode), this will only display new topics and replies under the Unread section

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Yes, sorry, i forgot to highlight, that i am using the mailing list mode in order to get mail notifications about new topics and posts in topics i have subscribed to.

Note that mailing list mode will get you notifications about every message, not only the ones you are watching. If you only want notifications (and emails) about those, you need to disable the mailing list mode and use “watching” or “watching the first post” as the notification level.


One question about mailing list mode - how do I see hashtags attached to a post?

As an example, is going to include maproulette things in , but distinguished by hashtag (which is fair enough - you can’t have subforums for everything). Is it possible to arrange for the hashtags used to be included in the mail somehow?

Can you check if the emails from tagged topics have a header including the tags? I suspect this is tricky because sometimes tags are added after the topic is created, so the email notification was already sent.

The headers I got didn’t contain anything obvious:

Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2022 22:26:00 +0000
From: Martijn van Exel via OpenStreetMap Community
Reply-To: OpenStreetMap Community
Message-ID: topic/
References: topic/
Subject: [General talk] Discussing MapRoulette on this forum
Mime-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/alternative;
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit
X-Auto-Response-Suppress: All
Auto-Submitted: auto-generated
Precedence: list
List-ID: OpenStreetMap Community | General talk
List-Archive: Discussing MapRoulette on this forum

I found this old topic where it’s described how to add custom headers, but it seems tags are not working there

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