How do I edit with a differnt satellite imagery

I am editing Punguduthivu area in Jaffna, Sri Lanka ( I found that the satellite Bing imagery been under heavy clouds quite hard to draw the lanes and lakes in OSM. I do have another satellite imagery of the area but I don’t have how can I make use of that to draw the Roads and other features. Or is there any alternative way to get another satellite imagery and draw the roads is possible. I shall be thankful if some one can guide me. Thanks in advance.

The first question is, are you allowed to use that other imagery ? If you refer to Google imagery, you are not allowed to use it for tracing in OpenStreetMap

In case you are allowed to use it, you can add it in your editor (assuming you are using iD) by clicking the stack of “layers” icon on the right side. Then chose background settings. Then click “Custom” and fill in the URL + path for the server you want to access