How do I double check my changes?

I was panning thru the map and I accidentaly moved a node of a road. Now I am wondering if I have done that before without knowing and saved the change. How do I retrace the changes that I’ve done to check if I’ve done something stupid like that?

You can look at your changesets but thats manual work and pretty hard to do with larger changes. I dont know if there is an app / service to make this easier.

in detail:

via your OSM user page … (maybe better log in there, but not necessary I think)

you can find your contributions in detail:

What you can also do is download the area (if it’s not too big) in JOSM and use the “search” function with an argument like “user:%your_user_name%”. This will highlight all OSM elements where you are the last contributor. You can improve your search by adding more criteria like the type of element, ways or nodes; or elements with a particular tag or not tagged at all, etc. This is very powerful.

Stephan’s possibility is the basic, essential option to do it. If it is to hard to see what you have really changed those tools can help:

  • use OSMHV for full changesets (occasionally shows moved nodes where there aren’t moves - the line is blue then. It would be green and red if there is a real move)
  • or mapki’s deep history for single objects.
  • You may also use the OWL history tab (but it is in very beta stage, sometimes lags behind).

You find all those tools over there in the wiki: Quality_assurance#Monitoring_Tools. I recommend to use bookmarklets with keywords for very quick access to those tools from the pages.

To continue Pieren’s answer: If you are a (somehow advanced) JOSM user then you can mis-use the reverter plugin to see a previous state and compare it with the current state in another layer.

Well, and despite all that, see the previous questions on “changeset” on our help site.

I really wonder how you managed to “move a node of a road” by just “panning thru the map”.