How do I delete my OSM account/ profile?

Hi there,

I have registered a second profile (Lilleth). I have done nothing on it, except this question I’m busy with. I did it in error, because I thought I would not be able to access my first profile (idefig/ PlayfulFox).

I did this because my previous email has been hacked, and I am having problems accessing it.

As it turns out I can access my previous OSM account because my old email address seems to be used as a username. I want to change this old email address to the new one, but on trying to change my email to my new email addresss, I now cannot do that because it is used by my new profile. This one.

Is there someone that can delete my newest account/ profile? I have made no contributions, except for this question I am busy with now.

Please advise soonest.

Once that is done, I will log in to my old account and change my email addresss to the new one.

Thanks & Regards,


… it has a sentence about deletion.

:expressionless: qui non uso a me non mi piace eliminare account