How do I correct these bridges?

Hello there. These bridges are beside each other, but one is a relation, while the other is a way. My QGIS output (far right) only shows a outline when the bridges features are ways. How do I resolve this?

Hi heyzec, welcome to the forum! It looks like the image didn’t quite make it through, could you try again?

Whoops, looks like the img tags are messing things up. Thanks for telling me, I’ve edited the link.

I find that the bridge (found here is mapped in a weird way.

  • there are for ways mapped with bridge=yes
  • some of them have name=Esplanade Bridge, others have bridge:name=Esplanade Bridge
  • there are 2 man_made bridge, one mapped as a way, but marked as type=multipolygon.The other is a multipolygon relation existing of 3 ways (for no good reason).

IMHO this should be cleaned up:

  • ways with bridge=yes
  • 2 man_made=bridge closed ways
  • a multi-polygon man_made=bridge=relation with he 2 man_made ways with the name of the bridge. This might break some geocoders to find the Esplanade bridge though.

OTOH, you will have to fix your rendering, as a man_made=bridge-way is an accepted construct in OSM and should be seen as a closed area.

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