How do I code a Tibetan Bridge

Hi everybody

I’m working on a project in Bolivia where we create maps with local comunities and upload them to osm.

Roads and paths in Bolivia are quite different than the ones we are used to, and form time to time appears some features that I’m not sure how to code.

In the middle of a path throught the yungas (Pre-jungle) instead of normal bridges they have a Tibetan Brigge. Basically is a structure of 2 or 3 ropes, that goes form one side to other of a canion, you step on the lower rope and cacht the upper road and cross by walking over the road.

There are some more advanced that includes a platform that moves from side to side.

Actually I’m coding as areal-> chair lift, but there’s no much in common with it.

Do you think it will be a better coding for this

Thanks in advance

I edit with some links to Tibetan brigges to ilustrate

Ah, a rope bridge. Perhaps bridge=rope?

Mmmm could be, but the problem is that if I put that is asumed that a car could pass. Also I can’t assing material to the bridge.

Anyway thanks this kind of problems are common in here, I still have to think how to put the basic medical asinstance in remote areas : The folk healers

This is what the access-tag is for: “access=no;foot=yes”

That is correct, maybe you can use/extend the surface-tag for this.