How do I change a building/complex from "school" to "offices"?


This used to be a school.
It is now offices for the school district.
It may have other uses as well (I don’t know).

How do I change the tagging, and what do I change it to?
What should I check about the rest of the usage – the main building is now district offices, but I have not checked the rest of the buildings or what used to be the playground yard.

There is a landuse, way 44403575 where you need to remove the amenity=school. You can use the office key to indicate what kind of office it is, but I would put that on the building way. The landuse I would tag with landuse=commercial.

And add some address info. Either on the building or as seperate nodes. It is hard to find specific buildings here.

If this compound is only 1 office, it could be tagged on the premise. I would hesistate about landuse=commercial if it’s “offices for the school district”. A office=educational_institutionl could suffice. The “office” building should be