How do I ask for someone to fix a spot on the map?

I’m trying to fix a road that is marked as “through”, but in reality is just overgrown weeds and no actual traffic.

In Tehachapi, Ca, 93561, the road “Lois Street” at map=19/35.13186/-118.42895
does not connect between Michael ave and Goodrick ave. The northern half by the residential buildings is there; the rest seems to have been subject to corporation overbuild.

The tutorial made it clear that there is supposed to be some way to request a review of something, but I can’t find it. Nor can I figure out how to disconnect part of the road.

In theory, what is really there is walkable. There is no way to drive it.

I assume you are using the web based editor which I haven’t used enough to be able to answer your question. In JOSM I’d just click the node where the character of the way changes (looks like it is at and press the “P” key to split the way. Then I’d change the highway=residential to either highway=path or highway=footway.

If you like, I can split the way for you now and then you can come back and clean up the tagging for what you see on the ground.

p.s. That area is still a “Tiger Desert”. Thank you for working on cleaning it up!!! Don’t forget to delete the “tiger:reviewed=no” tags when you fix things.

When you pressed the save button to upload your changes, you get a dialog on the left where you have to leave a comment about the changes you are about to make. Just above the Cancel and Save buttons there is a checkbox “I would like someone to review my edits.” Check it on and hopefully, someone will find the time to review your changes.

It is possible to place a note on the map with a request by pressing at the balloon at the right of the map (when not in edit mode).

If you are in edit mode in iD (the default editor) and select a node, you can click the right mouse button to make a context menu appear that contains a scissor.

OK, so:

  1. What is a tiger desert?
  2. It seems like there is a LOT more that I need to learn before I make changes to this database.
  3. What are the choices for a pathway? The obvious ones (real-world) would be road/car path, bike path, walking path (paved/cement path for foot traffic only), hiking trail (dirt path for foot or some off-road cycles), and … this thing which is partially paved and overgrown, and not maintained or as far as I can tell actually intended for use.

Back in 2005/2006, a lot of Tiger data was imported. If was of very bad quality. Ever since then, the American community tried to improve and correct that data. This is not done in all areas of the USA yet. Area’s where no improvement has taken place are sometimes called Tiger Deserts. Places with data, but without a local community (hence desert) to fix the data.

You can always start small. You can e.g. add shops, restaurants, post-offices or even benches and bins in your local area. You do not need to know everything there is to know before you can start.

The different types of roads and paths are explained on the wiki.

@escada answered your generic questions. (Sorry about throwing that “Tiger Desert” at you without explanation.)

For you item 3. If the area is partial paved (implying it was once planned or used as a street) and is currently overgrown and not maintained for any intended use then I might tag it as abandoned:highway=unclassified See the Lifecycle tagging prefix for an explanation of that.

wha … A “highway” can be a “corridor” inside a building?

Ok, so:

  1. How do I split Lois? Attempting to select Lois in the editor, so I can mark only part of it as abandoned, selects the entire road, and I cannot figure out how to only “abandon” part of it.

  2. Next editing question: Over at
    you can see a large number of “alleys” in-between the main streets.

These alleys show up as “real roads” in both Pokemon Go and Harry Potter Wizards United.

What do I need to do to tag these as “not really roads”, or are they tagged properly for alleyways, and the problem is in those two games?

The tagging is correct by OSM-Definition ( Please, never ever change data to fit a specific application. Contact “Pokemon Go” and “Harry Potter Wizards United” and tell them about the problem so they can fix it in their application.

So I can add a satellite background while in edit mode, but I can’t find a way to add a satellite background in normal view mode.

How do I turn off the road markings, so I’m only looking at satellite images, so I can find the proper place to cut a bad road?

EDIT: Found it, Map Data (f) → OpenStreetMap Data

OK, I think I have made the edits. Can someone check that I have it right?

It should now be marked as abandoned, quality track (unmaintained “road” that an off-road vehicle could traverse if you wanted to.)

Hmm… You disconnected Lois from Goodrick, so there is no option for pedestrians, cyclist etc. to enter Lois from Goodrick. Is this correct?

Could you also please check the changes (buildings, commercial area) I made? Thanks.

Unfortunately in deleting the original way you have also deleted all history pertaining to the way. Substituting with your new way with only the history of your own contribution.
Further your new way is tagged as abandoned:highway=track (meaning a track is no longer in use, that’s OK), but it’s also tagged highway=residential (which means there is an in use residential way).

The best thing to do is revert your changeset thus reinstating the history. Then from what I can see on available imagery, split the way at Node: 89394810. Amend the section going to Goodrick Drive to highway=path, (as there looks to be a path line trod through there). Amend that path line if needed and the termination point if needed.

Edit, I forgot to say I can make these changes for you if you wish.

That really isn’t a significant issue.

Lois connecting or not connecting to Goodrick: Pedestrians can walk it, just as they can walk across a field.

Tomorrow I’ll take a camera to the area, and post some pics. That way I should get better feedback on what it should be set to.

Also, I thought the only thing I deleted was that tiny bit of connector.

From Google StreetView the southern part of Lois looks like a


with a


at the end.

If you could upload pictures of the current situation that would be great.

AFAIK Google Street View is not an allowed source for OSM?

It is was meant as an additional reference to what you can already deduce from valid aerial / satellite images in ID or JOSM. The question is, if all the images are showing the current state or if the area has changed since then.