How do changes take effect

I tried fixing the Air Force Museum in Dayton, OH, USA

The map has it in the military base, however it is not and is open to the public.

I made the changes in this app, however don’t see them in effect yet.

Is there an area admin that I can contact?

Maybe see and the links mentioned there …

  1. Its official name is “National Museum of the United States Air Force”.
  2. The USAF itself states that it is on the Air Force Base.
    I know of other museums that are on the grounds of generally restricted locations and I have visited them.
    a) National Naval Aviation Museum, Pensacola Naval Air Station DRMO, 1750 Radford Blvd, Pensacola, FL 32508
    b) National Cryptologic Museum,
  3. Yes, they are open to the public. There is a difference between “on the grounds of” and “within the fenced perimeter of”. All are on the grounds of their respective facilities and in the case of the National Naval Aviation Museum, it is within the fenced perimeter as well. In the case of some the hangers at the National Museum of the United States Air Force, over time, they have been within the fenced perimeter but with the doors that open onto the grounds locked to public exit.

Please, revert your changes and then put in the correct data.

The National Museum of the United States Army will be located on 40 acres at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, 20 miles south of Washington, D.C.
The General George Patton Museum of Leadership is located on Fort Knox, Kentucky.

Many more examples exist.

Technically yes, its on the military base.

However, you do not need military id to enter this area, just like a Park it is open to the public.

If you look at the map ( ) , it does not seem that way.

So by looking at this map, it looks like you cannot enter this area, however with looking at this map, that is wrong.

We should fix this or find another area classification for that area so it seem the public can enter that area.

How do we do this?

When you look at the map, it seems like that area is closed to the public like the rest of the base (only military ID can enter)

However, Air Force Museum is open to the public just like a Park.

Is there a way to we can fix this?

The OP removed the entire military base multipolygon. Someone will likely want to revert their two changesets.

I did remove the military base, however I replaced it with more accurate of where Area B is and where Air Force Museum is.

Maybe it seems to you because you are interpreting the red area as “no access”
But the router gives you a route to the museum

and if you move the destination point to the restricted area the router refuses to give a route.

Remove + draw a new polygon is considered a bad practice, as this breaks the history of things. It is much better to refine the existing polygon. This might sometimes be difficult to do, but e.g. JOSM has a utils2plugin which has a Replace Geometry command. This allows you to draw a new polygon and then replace the old one with the new one without breaking the history.

Can you also show me where you found the description that landuse=military forbids the access to the public? does not mention this at all.

When I try to use JOSM tool, I get “Editing failed - make sure JOSM or Merkaartor is loaded and the remote control option is enabled”

Been trying to enable it, however can’t figure out how.

The polygon is too big to where if I zoom out to edit it, says I must zoom in to edit. So broke that area into smaller polygons so can edit them.

I don’t see any of it in effect, so guess it doesn’t matter.

On the map there is no distinction between the Air Force Museum (open to the public) and Area B (not open to the public), I don’t think that is ok, people who look at that map aren’t going to look up the landuse=military description, they will just see an area they think they don’t have access to.

You have to install JOSM locally on your PC!

No, you didn’t. I don’t know what “Area B” is, but there are no landuse=military objects in that area. In fact, there are no objects in that area representing the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. You did add a leisure=park area around the museum, but that seems unlikely based on the information provided by OverThere.

Please don’t edit the map based on how you think things should look on one particular map rendering. You should be mapping things such that they represent the situation that exists on-the-ground. If the museum is on the military land as stated by OverThere, then that land should be marked as landuse=military. At the very least, the area representing Wright-Patterson Air Force Base should be mapped as landuse=military. Removing that simply because you don’t like the way it looks on one particular map rendering could be considered vandalism. If there are areas that aren’t open to the public, that can be indicated by walls, fences, gates, and access tags on road objects.

Large part of the museum is a called Memorial Park and contains about 100 air force memorials, I live in the area and a lot of people go there to walk for lunch.

I would like to remove the red grid around the museum grounds so it indicates that area is open to the public, how should this be done?

Can an area admin do this for me so can follow best practices?

As I asked before, why do you believe that the red grid means: not open to the public ? The wiki page on military does not state that such an area is closed to the public.

That red grid sends a strong visual message of “stay out”. What ultimately matters are the tagging standards, sure, but it’s not at all surprising that someone viewing the Carto map style would interpret the rendering that way.